Thursday, 27 December 2007 I said I was going to do this to keep family and friends up to date as to what has been going on in our lives. Well, as you can see my last post was back in November. So much for keeping up! November was a busy month for us. We flew back to the states on a long but thankfully uneventful 9 hour flight. The boys did great. David's sister was married and we were able to spend Thanksgiving with family. It was so nice to see everyone. I caught up on my shopping since it is way too expensive over here in England. We are still liking living here but we are now starting to miss the everyday conveniences of America thru's. Anyone with kids knows that those are a must! Needless to say we don't eat out nearly as much which has been a nice break on our credit card bills. Brennan started crawling while we were in Texas and since we have been back in England is now pulling up. We have had to lower his mattress to the lowest setting. He is growing up way too fast. We just returned from a week long trip to Germany where we met up with some of our dear friends and their 3 children. We had a great time. David snowboarded and I just stayed at the apartment and did absolutely NOTHING. The children went to the child development center. Reagan and Campbell for 3 days and Brennan only for 1 day. They had to call us to come pick him up because he was not at all consolable. Most of you know he will absolutely not take a bottle and is very stubborn when it comes to a sippy cup. We arrived back in England in time to spend Christmas with some of our other dear friends who are stationed here with us. Now we are just settling back in and unpacking from our trip. Well that is a quick update. All of the kids are sleeping now so I am heading off to bed to sleep on my new mattress that we just picked up today. I hope I wake up pain free for the first time in....I don't even remember how long!

Monday, 12 November 2007

My First Blog

After being invited to view so many blogs, I have finally decided to create my own. It seems as if time flies now and I have no time to scrapbook so this seems the only logical way to keep track of events in our lives.