Monday, 7 April 2008

Grammy and Grandpa left today after a nice two week visit. It was so nice having them here to help out and the boys had a great time. We did some travelling to York and Chester. Beautiful places that I would like to visit again. We only had one day at each so there wasn't time to see everything. We took them to the National Railway Museum which they loved and the Chester Zoo. Now things are getting back to normal. One more day of holiday and then school starts again tomorrow. Thank God.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

This is my sweet Brennan. Who decided he actually was not ready to sleep through the night. David and I had a night away in London and my neighbor stayed with the boys. I thought I would finally get a good night sleep but....note to self, don't stay in a hotel that is one block from a hospital. Ambulance sirens all night long! Not what I had in mind. We saw the the musical Wicked, which was fabulous and had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant by the theater. We went to Harrods....a bit overwhelming to say the least and the British Museum. The olympic torch was coming through London today so it was difficult to maneuver amid all of the protesters. We now are home and my neighbor took this sweet picture of Brennan on her rocking horse.