Friday, 29 February 2008

Campbell has been speaking with a British accent. It is so freakin cute though. Today when I picked him up from school he said "Mummy, I made a lovely picture in computer class." What 5 year old says lovely. They say that over here all of the time...lovely, cheers, brilliant, fancy. We are still trying to figure some things out though. After hearing the word "fortnight" several times I finally asked what it meant...two weeks! Would you have ever thought that? Car boot means trunk. Bonnet means hood. Windscreen means windshield. Torch means flashlight. Squash is a drink not a vegetable. Aubergine is eggplant. Corgette means zucchini. That is all I have figured out so far.

Monday, 25 February 2008

So Brennan is finally on the upswing from his stomach bug. He ate a few crackers today. This is how my conversation with Reagan went:
Reagan: I don't like it when my tummy hurts!
Me: Your tummy hurts?
Reagan: (emphatically) Yes!
Me: Do you feel like you are going to throw up?
Reagan: Blahhhh (all over the floor)
This conversation occured after he threw up all over the car seat as well.
So here we go again. It starts off as vomiting and then progresses to diahrrea. (I hate that word. Who decided to name it that)

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Wow! Can you believe a month has come and gone already and today Brennan is one year old. We had a wonderful birthday party for all three boys. Yes, all three. We are going to try to get away with it as long as possible. They had so much fun. We had a bouncy castle and lots of kids and pinatas, cake. I made a lion cake for Campbell and a Batman cake for Reagan. Unfortunately, Brennan has been sick AGAIN so I didn't make the special little cake I had planned for him. He hasn't eaten since Wednesday. He has a horrible stomach bug. Luckily he is on the upswing. We will probably celebrate his birthday again just so he can tear into his cake and make a mess =) They are all absolutely precious.

Friday, 8 February 2008

So today sweet Reagan is 3 years old and still just as precious as ever. We are not doing anything special today because we are having a big party for all 3 of them in a few weeks. I know, I're thinking that sucks right. Hey, we won't be able to get away with doing this for much longer so we will enjoy only stressing out about 1 party rather than 3 all within a month time span for as long as we can.